Iñaki Bermúdez Sáez
28/04/1994, S

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Born in Sopela (Basque Country), Iñaki Bermúdez is a young professional classical saxophonist who combines his international activity as a soloist and with chamber music. Since 2019 he has been part of the Dáddario Woodwinds family of artists.

He focuses his musical work on the relationship between the composer and the performer, looking for a way to show a concept of music from the knowledge of its creator, what leads him to reflect feelings faithful to the essence of the work.

He started whit four years playing piano but five years later he change his main instrument to the saxophone. He finished his mid-level music studies in the specialty of classical saxophone with the highest qualification in 2013 at the Conservatory of Leioa with Andrjez Olejniczak and then continued his training at the Conservatory of Liceu in Barcelona with professor Albert Juliá, where he obtained the qualification of cum laude in his higher degree studies. His concern to improve his knowledge of the instrument  took him to the Koninklijk Conservatory in Brussels, where with Professor Simon Diricq, he  did  a Master’s degree in Interpretation and also a postgraduate degree. Currently studying in CNSMDP (Conservatoire National Superior de Musique et Danse de Paris) 3.cycle DAI saxophone ( Diplôme d’artiste). He has also studied Music Writing.

He has been awarded in several international and national contests:  Finalist in the Classic Winds International Saxophone and Clarinet Competition Tel Aviv, gold medal (first prize) with the congratulations of the jury, in the 34th European Competition for Young Soloists Luxembourg, honorable mention in the Young Interpreters of the Basque Country contest, second prize in the IX Internacional Chamber Music Competitios Anton Garcia Abril with de pianist Adam Suga (Suber Duo) or the “Música als parcs” award with the Internum Quartet among others.

Throughout his career as a musician he has played as a soloist with orchestras such as the Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa (BOS), the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra or the KCB Saxophone Ensemble or the Conservatori Liceu Saxophone Ensemble. He has also given concerts in different countries in renowned venues such as BOZAR (Brussels, Belgium) with Klassik34Xsax, at the Teatro Arriaga (Bilbao, Spain), with Lauso Duo; at the Palau de la Música (Barcelona, ​​Spain), at the Auditorium of the Cité de la Musque et de la Danse de Strasbourg and in other countries such as Denmark with the Vela Quartet; Hungary, France or the USA. In addition to this, he has been part of JONC (Young National Orchestra of Catalonia), where he obtained the only place as a saxophonist for the tour in 2015, as well as in the Supramúsica Orchestra (Valencia).

He has performed at different music festivals such as the Liceu Sax Fest or the Mediterranean Music Festival (Corsica). He has been invited as a Guest artist at the Nordic Saxophone Festival 2019 as a representative of the Dáddario Woodwinds brand.
In his teaching career he has taught at the Conservatory of Leioa (Basque Country) and within the BSC Academy at Adams Music Shop.
During his musical career he has been supported by the Agustí Pedro i Pons Foundation, the Bizkaia Provincial Council within the Young Artist program and NYSMF (New York Summer Music Festival).
In addition, he has the honor of having several pieces composed especially for him such as Somni Abstracte and Introspecció (by Miquel de Jorge) and Fantasia (by Martí Brugue). As a chamber musician, he is currently a member of the Internum Quartet and the BSC (Belgian Saxophone Choir).

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