Upcoming concerts

16th July: With Belgian Saxophone Choir, in Zomerfabriek, Minkelesstraat, 2018 Antwerp (20:00-21:30)

16th August: Vinarós JMV (with Internum Quartet)

Previous concerts

20th March: Concert in Kaos, Brussels 20:00 pm. Duo with Martín Caro Rojas

21th March: MIM 12:30 am ( Musical Instruments Museum) Brussel. Piano Adam Suge

2th April: MIM ( Musical Instruments Museum) Brussel

8th April: Paris, France ( with the Koninklijk Conservatorium Sax Ensemble)

11th April: Auditori Sala 4 , Barcelona (Premier Introspecció by Miquel de Jorge) 18:15 pm

14th April: Aarhus Conservatory, Denmark 11:00am ( recital in D’addario time)

25th April: Antwerp, Belgium (with Belgian Saxophone Choir)

13th May: Recital Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels

24th May: Recital in Ermita Udiarriaga, Ugao-Miravalles (Basque Country): 20 pm. Iñaki Bermúdez, Saxophon; Imanol Casan, Piano.

14th June: Recital Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussels

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